Namsan Tower in Seoul


Almost every city has their own version of a tower with a 360 view. I thought I had seen it all. Been there done that kind of thing after seeing skylines of Chicago, Seattle, and New York city, but the view of Seoul from Namsan Tower is a must for every visiting tourist because you get to see how big Seoul really is. You get to see what a city of 10 million looks like and it’s a pretty cool view.

Things to consider when visiting the tower:

  • Take a taxi up to the cable car and then take the cable car up to the tower. It only costs $9.
  • If you’re adventurous, walk the Namsan trail up to the tower or at least to the cable car. It’s a nice trail if you know how to find it.
  • There are a lot of stairs. So prepare yourself. But also know that a lot of the elderly make the visit to the tower so if they can do it, you can too.
  • It’s a $10 admission for adults to the observatory.
  • There are several food places in the observatory in addition to the ones at the base of the tower.
  • There’s plenty of restrooms. If you decide to use the restroom up on the observatory, beware if you’re scared of heights because the toilets are next to the window and it’s a scary view down. I couldn’t do it, but luckily there are restrooms everywhere. So I used the ones at the base of the tower.
  • Don’t flush your toilet paper. There are signs to put your toilet paper in the trash bin.