Another 3-day Weekend for the U.S.

Hello!  Just dropping in to say hey it’s been awhile!

I am so excited for another 3-day weekend!  Work hasn’t been too crazy so I haven’t had to crave time off like I did last year.  However, I am excited to take advantage of the long weekend and use it to build more content for this blog.  We are planning to see a comedy show on Friday, which is exciting because our last date night was a month ago when we saw a Kpop show in San Francisco.  This time the comedy show is in Livermore, which will make the drive a nightmare because of traffic, but also an adventure since we don’t go there that often.  Other than that, we plan to drive around aimlessly and go where our hearts desire.  Please stay tuned for future pictures and content around the Bay Area!

As for a life update, lately, it’s been raining over here and from weather forecasts it doesn’t look to be letting up.  It’s definitely stopped me from taking walks outside and halted my husband from de-cluttering his mom’s garage. YES, it’s still a mess.  But a little less so than before.  Unfortunately, she’ll be coming back this Tuesday from the Philippines so the idea of thoroughly cleaning her garage will stall unless both are ready to come to an agreement as to what can stay or be trashed.

Anyway, please stay tuned for future content!




Marie Kondo Help Please!

Sorry if this is not related to traveling. Please feel free to skip the post.

My husband is trying to help his mom clean up her house. We are starting in the garage first, but as you can see it’s kind of overwhelming. With her away to the Philippines we have this opportunity to clean up the place in peace.

Just a little back story, her husband passed away in late 2017 and we’ve been trying to help her sort out her house, except the griefing process sort of got in the way. We let her be in 2018, but at some point we’re supposed to move in because it’s something my husband promised his father after his passing. We’re still not moved in, but my husband wants to keep his promise, which is why we’re here trying to clear some space and clean things up so we can move in.

The ‘Blood Moon’ in this Part of the World

red moon during night time
Photo by Pedro Figueras on

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see it.  It was pouring rain over here in the Bay Area and visibility was pour because of cloud coverage.  It definitely hindered what little motivation we had to check out the eclipse.  For those who did, I hope you found it exciting!

On a side note, I’m so happy for a 3-day weekend.  We don’t get much time off over here in the U.S.  The standard for most small business owners is to give 2 weeks vacation a year and about 9 to 10 paid holiday days.  I work for a small architecture firm and those are my benefits.  Martin Luther King Jr. day so happens to be one of the days I get off including my husband so we are just enjoying the 3-day weekend together.  So far it’s been a fantastic weekend starting off with a Kpop concert in San Francisco followed by a visit to Monterey.  I think we’re just going to end the long weekend by relaxing at home.

Thanks for stopping by to read this post.  I hope you enjoy the start of your week!

Warm Places to Go In the Winter Time

So my husband’s office shuts down every last week of the year.  I totally want to take advantage of the opportunity and go somewhere warm.  It’s just I haven’t figured out where to go specifically.  Recently I’ve been doing research and some of the places that look promising for warm weather with a low chance of a hurricane affecting our trip would be:

  1. Costa Rica – I never would’ve considered Costa Rica a must-visit place except a bunch of Facebook friends posted their trip to Costa Rica, and because FOMO is real, I have to cross this place off my bucket list.
  2. New Zealand – Not only do I want to see the Shire but I want to see the rest of the Lord of the Rings set!  Huge fan by the way.
  3. Hawaii – We have not been to Maui or Kauai yet so it’s two places worth considering.
  4. Belize – My dad visited Belize back when I was in high school and I remember seeing all of his snorkeling pictures and how beautiful the water looked.  It definitely stuck in my mind, which is why I have this place in my heart to see Belize.

I’m not sure what our travel plans will be like for the end of the year, but I do know I’d like to keep it open for a trip.  Who knows, we may just try to do Disney’s California Adventure again, or maybe even Palm Springs.

I hope you’ve had a nice and relaxing weekend as mine.  I’ve just been trying to recover from my cold and everyday I feel myself getting better.  Have a great start to a new week!


To A New Year of Travel Adventures!

I was already a week early to ring in the new year, and now that it’s officially here, I’m so ecstatic!  2018 had some ups but definitely a lot more downs, which is why I’m ready to say goodbye and hello to the new year.  Good things are in store for us, and we are looking forward to all the things we have planned.  Most especially, I’m looking forward to our trips!  Yes, we have 2 week long trips planned, and since we only get 2 weeks a year for vacation, one trip will be in May and the other in September.  It’s going to be a good year!

Does anyone else plan trips months in advance?  I love doing it although some of my co-workers are quite opposite.  For me, planning ahead gives me something to look forward to especially on rough days.  I guess in a way it’s like dangling a carrot on a stick.

Anyway, I hope you all start planning for your future travels, whether it be domestic or international.  I hope you invest in yourself and take the time to travel for the sake of your health and well-being.

Happy New Year!