Visiting All 50 States – A Bucket List Goal

Does anyone else want to do this?  Visiting all 50 states with my husband is on my bucket list.  Below is a colored map of the states we’ve so far visited together, and hopefully next year we get to knock out a few more.  We’re thinking of visiting the northeast and driving up into Canada, but who really knows, our plans change so often we could be headed to Florida for all I know.



us map


When we visited each state:

Arizona – 2009
California – Home
Hawaii – 2010
Idaho – 2016
Illinois – 2012
Iowa – 2012
Montana – 2016
Nebraska – 2012
Nevada – 2009
New Hampshire
New Jersey – 2011
New Mexico
New York – 2011
North Carolina
North Dakota
Oregon – 2015
Pennsylvania – 2011
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Texas – 2017
Utah – 2016
Washington – 2018
West Virginia
Wyoming – 2016


My Goal to Shop Less for a Sustainable World

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Since I’ve been studying for my architectural license I’ve been reading a lot about sustainable design.  Apparently 40-45% of energy consumption in the U.S. is from buildings, which has got me thinking about my own carbon footprint.  I think I’m fairly sustainable, but there are aspects in my life where I know I’m not.  I admit I have a little bit of a shopping problem, and also that I’m a sucker for fast fashion.  It’s a habit I definitely want to break because according to, the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world next to oil.

For the new year, my plan is to do the following:

  1. Shop less – The goal is to only buy necessities since I’m fairly happy with my closet.
  2. Donate the excess – I have a lot of clothes I don’t wear.  My plan is to donate unwanted clothes and shoes via ThredUp to the charity, Girls, Inc.
  3. Shop sustainable brands – I really want to do this, but need to do more research on sustainable brands.
  4. Thrifting –  I think for trendy items I may look into the idea of shopping second-hand.
  5. Go basic –  Instead of lots of patterned shirts and dresses, I plan to wear solids and use jewelry as a way to accessorize.  The goal is to avoid wearing a dress or shirt only once.  So investing in an LBD is probably the way to go.
  6. Buy workhorse items – I want to buy clothing items that can be worn for different occasions.  I realize I have this bad habit of buying a new dress for a wedding, which only gets used once or twice before I let it go to charity.
  7. Capsule wardrobe – I’m loving the idea of capsule wardrobes per season.  It’ll definitely pair down my closet and hopefully stop my fast fashion hauls.  The positives from all the shopping is that at least I’ve found my style.

12 New Things I Did or Tried in 2018 Including Travel Destinations

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2018 was definitely a growing year for me.  I had some happy moments, but also some sad and really stressful times.  Despite the hard times though, I’m thankful for all the new things I got to do and try that I want to share them below:

  1. Korean Skincare Routine – This was the year I discovered Korean skincare and I have been loving it.  It’s affordable compared to items on Sephora and best of all it’s effective.  I just love how it transformed my skin especially for makeup, which brings me to point #2.
  2. Makeup – I was never one to wear a lot that is until I discovered Korean skincare.  With smooth and soft skin as a base, my makeup goes on naturally and now I’m a Sephora Insider (almost made it to VIB, but not quite).
  3. Investing – This was the year I started investing.  I know I’m a little late, but I spent most of my twenties trying to get out of debt (student loans, etc.) and the start of 2018 was when I became debt free!
  4. I passed 2 of the 6 NCARB tests for my license, but I also failed one test 3 times.  The third time was a low point for me.
  5. Austin, Texas – We went for a week and did a day trip to San Antonio to see the Alamo.  We didn’t do much.  It was raining for most of the time we were there so we stayed in and watched quite a bit of TV.
  6. Vancouver, BC – We went for 4 nights and 5 days.
  7. Day trip to L.A. – It was our first time flying to Los Angeles just for a day.  We went to see the musical, the Color Purple, and  I’m very open to the experience again in the future.
  8. Kevin Hart – We saw his show, “The Irresponsible Tour” and he’s hilarious!
  9. Miss Saigon – We finally saw it this year because the show came to San Francisco, and although the music is phenomenal, the story is so sad.
  10. Gucci bag – My first ever luxury purchase was this year in Austin, Texas.  For me, buying a luxury bag was to celebrate my becoming debt-free.
  11. Cordless Dyson – This is a game changer because now I love vacuuming and I do it several times a week now.  Cordless vacuuming is highly recommended.
  12. Crush – We saw Crush’s show in San Jose and he’s so good live.  I’m quite impressed my his singing.

I hope next year will be a year of more new experiences.  If I’m not trying new things, then I’m staying stagnant and to me it’s all about life experiences for self progression.

My Goals/Bucket List for 2019 Including Traveling

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I have so many things I want to do in 2019.  Below is my list of things I wish and hope to accomplish in the new year.  Hopefully I can look back at the end of next year to see how much of my goals I achieve.

A lot of them are introspective as a result of things I learned from this year.  I’ve learned a lot from being under major stress, and the things I want to do next year if I’m ever to progress in my career, is to first fix myself.

2019 Goals List:

  • Pass two NCARB tests – I’d like to pass all of them, but I’m being realistic here.
  • Take one international trip
  • Take one domestic trip outside of California
  • Exercise more and get healthy
  • Learn to manage my emotions in uncomfortable situations
  • Increase my confidence, yet remain humble
  • Push myself out of my comfort zone
  • Learn to manage stress and anxiety
  • Learn to be okay with conflict when it arises
  • Be more understanding of others – pass less judgement
  • Get into blogging
  • Consume and shop less than what I did in 2018 (bought 51 pieces of clothing/shoes in 2018)
  • Make sure to keep on saving
  • Take measures to lessen my carbon footprint