Warm Places to Go In the Winter Time

So my husband’s office shuts down every last week of the year.  I totally want to take advantage of the opportunity and go somewhere warm.  It’s just I haven’t figured out where to go specifically.  Recently I’ve been doing research and some of the places that look promising for warm weather with a low chance of a hurricane affecting our trip would be:

  1. Costa Rica – I never would’ve considered Costa Rica a must-visit place except a bunch of Facebook friends posted their trip to Costa Rica, and because FOMO is real, I have to cross this place off my bucket list.
  2. New Zealand – Not only do I want to see the Shire but I want to see the rest of the Lord of the Rings set!  Huge fan by the way.
  3. Hawaii – We have not been to Maui or Kauai yet so it’s two places worth considering.
  4. Belize – My dad visited Belize back when I was in high school and I remember seeing all of his snorkeling pictures and how beautiful the water looked.  It definitely stuck in my mind, which is why I have this place in my heart to see Belize.

I’m not sure what our travel plans will be like for the end of the year, but I do know I’d like to keep it open for a trip.  Who knows, we may just try to do Disney’s California Adventure again, or maybe even Palm Springs.

I hope you’ve had a nice and relaxing weekend as mine.  I’ve just been trying to recover from my cold and everyday I feel myself getting better.  Have a great start to a new week!



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