8 Tips For How to Travel With Your Spouse or Partner

If you hate traveling with your spouse, then you’re probably doing something wrong.  Traveling is supposed to be fun and adventurous, and not one person dragging their feet because of a trip he/she doesn’t want to go on.  Marriage and relationships are about compromise.  We all should know this, but sometimes we forget.  Without compromise though, there’s failure to bring joy to a relationship that then becomes one-sided.  My husband and I have been traveling together since 2011 and some tips we’ve learned from our own trips and from friends and family would be:

  1. Don’t guilt your partner into doing a trip just because there’s an ‘opportunity’.  Let’s just say maternity leave is not meant to be an ‘opportunity’ for travel.
  2. Pay for the trip yourself.  Who can get angry at their spouse for an all expense paid trip?  It’s free for them so obviously there will be less complaining.
  3. Agree on where to go.  My husband has dragged his feet a few times on some of our trips, and I’m learning to include him in the planning process.  Most of the time he likes the activities that I pick, but there have been a few moments when he’s expressed disapproval.
  4. Make the travel days as painless as possible.  Book direct flights and avoid layovers as much as possible.  Also, book your accommodations to places that are walking distance so you don’t have to drive.  The point is to make travel days as painless as possible to get your spouse excited for the next trip.
  5.  Pick a destination that includes activities for the both of you.  My husband and I love being together 24/7.  We are peas in a pod.  However, I realize other couples aren’t like this so I suggest picking a destination that incorporates activities for alone time.  If someone loves shopping and the other surfing, then maybe Waikiki is a good spot to visit?
  6. Visit friends or family.  Another way to not be together 24/7 is to visit friends or family.
  7. Go to a destination you know will make your spouse happy.  Just take one-for-the-team and compromise.  You know the cliche saying, “It’s always better to give than to receive” and it’s true.  I find so much more joy making my husband happy than seeing him grumpy.  My husband also feels the same way.  He’s done a lot of things for me because he knows it’ll make me happy. “Happy wife is a happy life.”
  8. Don’t put your travels on credit.  Save, plan, and make sure you can afford your trips.  Otherwise, traveling becomes a contentious issue with debt stressing the relationship making the next trip hard to look forward to.  It’s just not worth it.

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