Fort Casey on Whidbey Island, Washington





This was kind of a cool place to explore back in November last year.  My dad lives on Whidbey Island and his wife gave us a little tour around Fort Casey, which is a Washington State Park and historic district.  It was really cool getting to see old historical bunkers and how they form into the landscape.  We didn’t get to explore much of the grounds, but from what I gather, on a sunny day this place looks awesome for a picnic.  The park boasts of 999 acres of land so there is definitely a lot to explore.

For those visiting Seattle, I would recommend doing a day trip to one of Washington’s surrounding islands.  Whidbey Island is a cute Navy town, but there are others like San Juan Islands or Orca for whale watching and/or kayaking.



January 2019 Favorites

This isn’t travel related, again, but I love watching monthly favorites from Youtubers.  So I thought I’d do the same thing in this blog post.

January was actually a good month for us despite the government shutdown.  Thankfully, we were not affected.  My mother-in-law flew to the Philippines for vacation and initially we were concerned TSA would be a problem, but surprisingly, my MIL went threw security fairly quickly and had no problems at all.

But anyway, some of my favorites in January would be:

  • The fact that I was only sick for the first week of January and not the whole month like last year calls for attention.  Last year, I couldn’t even leave our apartment to go on walks because I was coughing for two months.
  • Seeing the kpop group Winner in San Francisco.  I’m hooked on Kpop and can’t wait to see more shows this year.  We wanted to see Red Velvet in February but the tickets in L.A. sold out quickly.  They did add another show, but prices are selling for $172 a person.  We’re hoping to see Blackpink though so fingers crossed they perform in Cali.
  • Paris Baguette’s blueberry scone.  For those who live near a Paris Baguette, I highly recommend you try their blueberry scone.  It’s so good you won’t regret it!  It’s definitely a modern take on scones.
  • Harrod’s Online.  I wasn’t planning to buy a designer bag anytime soon, but when I saw how much Harrod’s was selling a few designer bags for a couple of hundred dollars less than the same bag sold here in the U.S., I jumped at the opportunity.  It was my first purchase ever outside the country and I was on pins and needles waiting for my bag to arrive.  I didn’t know anything about paying customs duty, but thankfully Harrod’s takes care of all that.  At least for U.S. customers.  All in all, my bag took a week until it arrived at my doorstep, and because of such an easy transaction, I plan to buy more from Harrod’s in the future.

The ‘Blood Moon’ in this Part of the World

red moon during night time
Photo by Pedro Figueras on

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see it.  It was pouring rain over here in the Bay Area and visibility was pour because of cloud coverage.  It definitely hindered what little motivation we had to check out the eclipse.  For those who did, I hope you found it exciting!

On a side note, I’m so happy for a 3-day weekend.  We don’t get much time off over here in the U.S.  The standard for most small business owners is to give 2 weeks vacation a year and about 9 to 10 paid holiday days.  I work for a small architecture firm and those are my benefits.  Martin Luther King Jr. day so happens to be one of the days I get off including my husband so we are just enjoying the 3-day weekend together.  So far it’s been a fantastic weekend starting off with a Kpop concert in San Francisco followed by a visit to Monterey.  I think we’re just going to end the long weekend by relaxing at home.

Thanks for stopping by to read this post.  I hope you enjoy the start of your week!

Monterey for the Day – Jan 2019







Monterey is a fun place to visit every so often.  We’re lucky to live 90 minutes away from such a beautiful place so it’s easy to do a day trip when we feel the need to get away.  Since it’s a 3 day weekend for the both of us, we thought we’d take advantage of the time off  and visit one of our favorite places to stroll along the coast and snap some pictures for this blog.

I plan to do a follow-up post and incorporate my husband’s photos, but for the time being, I hope you enjoy some pictures from my phone and that you find inspiration for your own adventure.

Let’s begin.

Monterey is a great place for a staycation for those living within close proximity like us.  It’s also a great place for a day trip for those visiting San Francisco.  There’s lots of things to do here, sites to see, and also places to eat.

A few ideas to do would be:

  1. Eat some seafood on the Wharf.
  2. Visit Cannery Row and go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
  3. Take a stroll along the coast in Pacific Grove.
  4. Take a sea car tour and drive around the area in a bright but cute little car.
  5. Indulge by staying at the Portola Hotel and Spa.  It’s walking distance to Old Monterey, the wharf, and the coast.
  6. Drive the scenic 17 mile drive.
  7. Visit Carmel.
  8. Also visit Big Sur.
  9. Rent bikes and bike along the coast.
  10. Rent a family bike and pedal together.
  11. Go kayaking in the ocean.
  12. Visit during whale watching season and go on a whale watching tour.
  13. Rent a boat.
  14. Go fishing right off of the pier.
  15. Relax and have a picnic on one of the many beaches and/or picnic areas.
  16. Spot a sea lion or even a sea otter.
  17. Try a Ghiradelli sundae from the Ghiradelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop in Cannery Row.

Kpop Corner: Winner Everywhere Tour in San Francisco




We had so much fun at the Winner concert yesterday.  They are so good live!  For those who don’t know, Winner is currently on their North American tour.  I believe their first stop was Seattle before making their way down to San Francisco.  Boy oh boy it was another long drive into the city.  What should only be a 45 minute drive took 90 minutes, which ruined our chances for having dinner in the city.  Nonetheless, the concert was great!


Warm Places to Go In the Winter Time

So my husband’s office shuts down every last week of the year.  I totally want to take advantage of the opportunity and go somewhere warm.  It’s just I haven’t figured out where to go specifically.  Recently I’ve been doing research and some of the places that look promising for warm weather with a low chance of a hurricane affecting our trip would be:

  1. Costa Rica – I never would’ve considered Costa Rica a must-visit place except a bunch of Facebook friends posted their trip to Costa Rica, and because FOMO is real, I have to cross this place off my bucket list.
  2. New Zealand – Not only do I want to see the Shire but I want to see the rest of the Lord of the Rings set!  Huge fan by the way.
  3. Hawaii – We have not been to Maui or Kauai yet so it’s two places worth considering.
  4. Belize – My dad visited Belize back when I was in high school and I remember seeing all of his snorkeling pictures and how beautiful the water looked.  It definitely stuck in my mind, which is why I have this place in my heart to see Belize.

I’m not sure what our travel plans will be like for the end of the year, but I do know I’d like to keep it open for a trip.  Who knows, we may just try to do Disney’s California Adventure again, or maybe even Palm Springs.

I hope you’ve had a nice and relaxing weekend as mine.  I’ve just been trying to recover from my cold and everyday I feel myself getting better.  Have a great start to a new week!