Getting Plane Tickets for the Price of One

I’ve finally accumulated enough mileage points with Alaska Airlines to book an international trip for me and my husband.  Boy did it take long to do it though.  I signed up for the Alaska Airlines card back in April 2017 because the companion fare appealed to me, and also because of the 30,000 bonus mileage points initially offered.  Although you pay $99 a year for the card, booking a flight for 2 will be a fraction of the cost with the $99 companion fare.  So if you think about it, it’s $200 (companion fare + credit card fee) for the second ticket anywhere in Alaska Air’s network, which I think is still worth it because the other perk is Alaska Air allows you to earn mileage points if you travel with partnering airlines.  Score!  So by using my card for daily purchases and by buying additional miles in one of their many sales, I accumulated 140,000 points to book an international flight.

First, I don’t want to share the destination because I don’t want to jinx our trip, and second, I did pay $850 for additional miles and also $45 to transfer miles from my husband’s Alaska mileage account.  Despite the 140,000 points, I still had to pay an additional $140 for the tickets plus $50 for travel insurance. So in total, I paid just under $1100 for our international plane tickets, which is practically the price of one where we’re headed.

I hope this inspires you to make travel a priority.  There’s definitely a lot of ways to make travel affordable and budget friendly.  Please check out my other tips here:



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