My First Experience with Airplane Ear – A Travel Fail

I recently experienced airplane ear on my trip to Los Angeles.  I flew with a slight cold not thinking anything of it and on the flight’s decent, I felt my ears plug up with all kinds of pressure to them I’ve never felt before.  This was my first experience with the pain and yawning or swallowing didn’t work for me.  Actually, I was kind of scared something was going to rupture, and anything longer than 10 minutes of pain would’ve been unbearable for me to handle.  Luckily, this happened only on the decent.

So for anyone flying with a slight congestion from a cold or the flu, please be cautious and consider some of these tips according to the Mayo Clinic:                      

  1. Airplane earplugs – Amazon has some called, “Earplanes”.
  2. Try the Valsalva technique which is to pinch your nose and gently blow as if you’re blowing your nose.  Hopefully this relieves some pressure in your ear.
  3. Drink plenty of water before your flight to stay hydrated.
  4. Try sucking on candy if the Valsalva technique doesn’t work.
  5. Also, try drinking something.  Keep bottled water with you on the flight.

As for me and because I didn’t want to experience the same ear pain on the flight back home, we decided to rent a car and drive back to the Bay Area.  It definitely cost more to do this, but flying sick and infecting a whole bunch of people at the airport and on the plane is something I did not want to do.  Call it dumb, a waste of money, or not frugal but my thought was I’d be more comfortable on the drive back home since we could leave earlier rather than later.  It was definitely an unfortunate trip because we landed, checked into our hotel, ordered room service, and the very next day we left early.  We were supposed to do Disneyland’s California Adventure with my brother and his family, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.  Instead, we left early and headed home.  I’m glad we did though instead of ‘power through’ like my brother suggested because I’d probably be in worse conditions, and who knows how many people I’d have infected at the park.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about Disneyland’s California Adventure during the holiday season and I was supposed to take pictures and share them with you all, but unfortunately I got sick.  So I do apologize, and hope you’re all having a better holiday season than me.  Happy holidays and cheers to a new year!


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