17 Tips to Afford Travel

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Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com
  1. Start small.
    1. Go camping at a national park.
    2. Visit one place at a time.
    3. Stay close to home.
  2. Prioritize and save.
    1. Skip the morning latte.
    2. Pack your lunches.
    3. Quell the shopping addiction.
  3. Split costs with a travel companion(s).
  4. Look for last minute deals.
  5. Plan months in advance.
  6. Go in the off season.
  7. Stay in hostels.
  8. Stay in Airbnbs.
  9. Stay with friends.
  10. Stay with family.
  11. Sign up for frequent flyer programs.
  12. Get a credit card that offers frequent flyer miles.
  13. Use cashback from credit cards for travel.
  14. Rent a car and road trip.
  15. Use your own car and road trip.
  16. Find alternate means of transportation.  For U.S. travel, try the Megasbus, Greyhound, or even Amtrak.
  17. Eat cheaply.
    1. Skip breakfast.
    2. Have one meal a day.
    3. Grocery shop.

Obviously these are tips you can choose to follow.  You don’t have to do all of them, but they are tips we’ve done in the past or recommended to us by friends.


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