Helpful Tips Before an International Trip

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Safety is always a priority when I travel.  Before choosing a place to visit, I first research what neighborhoods or areas to avoid.  Despite great deals on, Expedia, or other sites like Priceline, I base my accommodations on location.  I even go as far as looking at Google streetview, and if I’m happy with the vicinity, then I go ahead and book.  The other thing that I research especially when leaving the country is common tourist scams.  I don’t think anyone wants to be scammed, and I sure as heck don’t want to be kidnapped like the movie, Taken.  So other than researching safety, below are some other things to think about before jetting off to another country:

  1. Adapter plug for your phone and electronics.
  2. Check to see if the country you’re visiting requires a visa.  For Americans visiting Australia, it’s a requirement before entering the counter.  However, if you’re going to France you don’t need one.
  3. Your passport.  Invest in a passport holder so you don’t lose it.  For me, I put mine in a wristlet to be hands free when going through airport security.
  4. A credit card that doesn’t charge international fees.
  5. Currency exchange for transportation costs.  I’ve only used Travelex, but you can probably exchange currency at the airport.
  6. Initial transportation. Are you going to take a taxi, a bus, shuttle, train, subway, or Uber?
  7. Earbuds for watching movies on the plane.  You can use the ones provided in-flight, but for germaphobes, bring your own.
  8. Hand sanitizer and/or wipes if you want to wipe down your pullout tray and seat belt buckle.
  9. Water.  This will help you stay hydrated.  I once landed with a huge migraine because I didn’t drink enough water on the plane.
  10. Comfortable walking shoes if you plan to do a lot of walking.  As tourists, it’s recommended.
  11. In my opinion, a carry-on is enough for a trip.  A checked bag is okay if you have a direct flight, but I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise.  The less stuff you bring, the less that gets stolen.
  12. Dramamine if you get motion sickness.

What to Wear on your flight:

Comfortable clothes.  Just remember you’ll be sitting for at least 10 hours or more.  For those on birth control, overweight, or of old age, compression socks are highly recommended to prevent an embolism.  Yes, that’s right an embolism.

What NOT to pack:

  1. Fine jewelry.  You’ll probably get mugged.
  2. High heels unless you really plan on fine dining and/or a photo shoot.

Hope these tips were helpful!


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