Bucket List Worthy: Yellowstone National Park

If I were to visit Yellowstone again, I’d stay at the Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton Park.  We so happened to have stopped by for a restroom break, and also decided to have lunch at the Blue Heron Lounge.  Not only was the food really good, but the view of Grand Teton in the background was so romantic.  The proximity to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole is also a plus.  There’s less driving and more time for activities.  On our first visit, we stayed in Idaho Falls and the drive was close to 2 hours each direction.  It was definitely not the best use of our time since we had 2 days to explore each park.

For getting to Yellowstone, I’d fly into Salt Lake City for cheaper airfare and then head on up in a rental car.  The drive takes about 4.5 hours, which isn’t too bad considering the sightseeing you’ll be doing.  However, if driving is not your thing and you’re willing to pay a little bit more, there’s always flying into the Yellowstone airport.

Yellowstone is definitely one of the national parks to visit and very bucket list worthy.  With Grand Teton right next door, it’s a two in one park visit.

Some helpful tips:

  1. Even in June, the temperature hovers around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  I definitely recommend packing a lightweight down.
  2. Yellowstone gets busy around lunch time so avoid the cafes and/or restaurants because getting service will take awhile.  Prepare snacks and have lunch at an odd hour to avoid the lunch rush.  Other than the Blue Heron Lounge in Grand Teton, the rest of the park food was cafeteria quality.
  3. There are restaurants just outside of the Yellowstone west entrance, and they also get crowded.  We tried having dinner there, but the wait was too long.
Jackson Hole, Wy circa June 2016
Buffalo in the park


A winding river
A panoramic view with Old Faithful to the right



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