Why Traveling is a Priority

For me, life is not meant to be in one place.  Maybe it’s my upbringing in a military household and I’ve gotten used to moving around every 4 years.  Who knows.  But after about 6 months of staying put, I go stir crazy and have this urge to travel.  I’m very thankful for a husband who entertains all my travel planning though.  Sometimes he reigns it in, but for the most part enjoys every bit of the memories we’ve created together.

In my humblest opinion, everyone should make traveling a priority.  Of course not to the extent of financial ruin, but it’s beneficial for so many reasons:

  1. You get to experience new cultures and a new perspective.  It can possibly broaden your mind and help to understand those different from you.
  2.  Traveling makes me miss home.  Funny enough I’m more appreciative of my daily life when I get back.
  3. Traveling makes for good small talk.  I love hearing other people’s travel adventures.  It all the more motivates me to plan the next trip.

For some reason I always get asked, “So where are you going next year?”  I guess creating this blog is somewhat a way for me to share my trips with those interested, along with my travel planning thoughts, and how I budget.

So please stay tuned!


One thought on “Why Traveling is a Priority

  1. Amen!

    You reminded me so much of myself when I read the ending, it is lovely hearing other people’s travel adventures. As it also motivates me to plan the next trip, especially now I also have a travel buddy (my baby, who I would love to embrace travelling as much as I do)
    Since, I also get asked “So where are you going next year?” haha! Least I’m not the only one, life is for living and exploring. Especially with our blogs to share our trips with those interested indeed, no matter the budget. Continue your adventures hun and create joyful memories xo

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